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copyright © 1999 Patrick M. Len

Fray L. Ormandy
How can we describe Fray, the Swirly Girly? "All of the attitude and none of the responsibility." She is the constantly smoking uberchick--but if you think that she's promoting cigarette use, then you need to work on suppressing that willing suspension of disbelief. No holds are barred in letting her disapproval (of just about everything) be known. You probably wouldn't want to be her friend, or anywhere within 100 yards of her for that matter, (can you say restraining order?) but you can't help but admire her panache. From afar. And beware Fray's Inner Child, who is liable to pop right out and wreak havoc on everything and everyone in sight. C'est la Fray!

Waifer X
Waifer X is the hapless preteen who is just about Fray's only continuous contact with society. While Fray's motto is "Ninety-nine percent of friendship is possession," Waifer X is easy-going enough to take the Smoking Girl in stride, and often finds that hanging out with the Blonde Terror does have its moments. And eventually now and then, Waifer X can and will get the upper hand (not that you would ever see her hands), making it all worthwhile. Waifer X is an avid connoisseur of caffeinated lime-green citrus-flavored sodas, skateboarding, clothes that are too big, cool retro things that haven't been cool since before she was born, and is always willing to show a video game just who's in charge.

Blobby Booh
Blobby Booh is an amorphous parallelipiped that blurbs nonsense phrases and whatnot. Warm weather is not very agreeable with it. Blobby Booh is not-so-secretly in love with P. J. Ptui, the potted cactus.

The Flower of Misfortune
The Flower of Misfortune basically utters everything ranging from whimsical perpescacity to profound nonsense, mainly just hear the sounds of its own voice. Basically a star with Blobby Booh's face, but much, much less than that.

The Doggy-Bone Plant
Or is it the Pillow-Cat Plant? The counterpoint to the Flower of Misfortune, always contradicting its competition for water, fertile soil, and C02. Half-grimacing, half-smiling, the Doggy-Bone Plant is ever ready to give its dystopic commentary on the cold, cruel, world we call... "World."

Images, characters, and website copyright © 1999 Patrick M. Len